Courier Services


Expand your business nationwide with QMP Courier Cash on Delivery services. QPM uses the most efficient e-commerce technology which will help you reach more than 1500 destinations within the country and receive your payment within 3 days! Increase your sales, profits and acquire new customers with Us Our COD services are designed to reduce the risk of fraud and default. Stay up to date on your parcels with our round the clock customer services and shipment tracking service. Shipments to metropolitan cities delivered within 24-36 hours!


Get all your documents, parcels and other shipments delivered absolutely next day with our overnight express service.Tailored to meet your urgent needs; book a shipment now and get it delivered tomorrow. Disclaimer: Due to external circumstances beyond our control, overnight delivery may be delayed at times. If such circumstances occur, the company is not liable for late delivery.


Utilize the lowest possible rates for overland shipments in Pakistan with QPM Courier. Our overland service is specifically set for transportation of bulk shipments and heavy goods across the country. With the largest network nationwide, we offers safe, secure and reliable deliveries within 72 hours of your booking. An economical solution for all goods weighing 10Kg or above.


QPM expanded its territory to the International realm and setting up their offices in UAE and UK, as well as formed International partnerships to expand their delivery network worldwide. Now delivering your parcels and packages in over 2200 International locations/destinations at affordable rates. QPM providing convenient, peace of mind and reliable courier & logistics solutions to the businesses across Pakistan.
Our Service
QPM will work for you around the clock, around the world with one goal in mind — to be your single-source provider of your corporate relocation service needs.
QPM offers a Wide range of distribution solutions that Integrates warehousing and distribution management Distribution constitutes a major portion
Today. More and more leading-edge companies are focusing on their primary competencies and using third-party resources to manage non-core functions. QPM provides comprehensive freight management services. Whether handling your freight as third party logistics freight management partner or a provider of dedicated fleet
For your international car shipping needs, we provide premier logistics, timely and cost effective multi-modal transportation and top-tier vehicle shipping solutions such as: Containerized (FCL & LCL) shipping Roll on-roll off (RO-RO) shipping Conventional on-deck car export.
QPM can transport your vehicle virtually anywhere around the world. But moving vehides can be a real challenge and it requires special handling and planning.